Joe Bentley

Performer – Educator

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I teach classical students from beginner to university level, and jazz students from beginner to advanced high school level.  I have taken certification courses towards an LRAM certificate at the Royal Academy of Music, and have taught university students at King’s College London, and complete beginners here in Rhode Island.

Private lesson rate: $50/1-hr lesson, $25/30-minute lesson.

Where do I teach?

I teach lessons at three different places:

            My home studio in East Providence, RI

            Portsmouth Abbey school, in Portsmouth RI

            Wheaton College, in Norton MA

What will you need?

You must have your own instrument and bow.  I have stools and method books in my studio, and can give you a list of necessary materials upon request.

Other than your instrument, I only request that you bring yourself and your motivation to play the bass!  I have lots of fun in my lessons, and hope you will too.

Where do I find this stuff?

Check out my resources page for links to local businesses and websites where you can find everything you'll need to get to work!



Portsmouth Abbey – I direct the instrumental music at the Portsmouth Abbey School.  This includes running the school's Sinfonia, its symphony orchestra, the Jazz Band, and the Chamber Music program.  

  • Sinfonia rehearses two days a week, and is a full symphony orchestra.  We perform at the end of the fall and spring terms, and at school assemblies.  
  • Jazz Band rehearses on Tuesday nights.  We cover big band charts, ensemble work, soloing over forms, and rhythm section groove playing.
  • Chamber Music meets every day after school in the Fall and Spring terms.  Chamber Music also includes a course on the Fundamentals of Musicianship, which meets once a week and covers the basics of rehearsing, listening, preparing, and practicing.

Wheaton College – As the private double bass teacher at Wheaton College, I instruct all of the double bass majors in their private lessons, and play in Wheaton's Great Woods Chamber Orchestra under Dr. Delvyn Case.