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One of my minor annoyances as a young bassist in the Providence area was that I simply didn't know where anything was, or how to get it.  I had to ask around and rely on personal recommendations as well as a bit of guesswork.

The goal of this page on my site is to make a directory for my students, and the bassists in the greater Providence area.  If you've got any recommendations for additions to this page, message me and let me know so I can add it to the list!

Looking for an instrument?

Most, if not all of the places I've listed also offer setups, repairs, and sell bows and accessories.

First bass –  These shops offer rentals, and rent-to-own programs in addition to selling instruments.

  • Beekman Violin is a full-service string shop located in Wakefield, RI.  They sell and rent both basses and bows, and supply many of the string instruments in south county area schools.
  • Rick's Musical Instruments, with locations in Cumberland, RI and Rehoboth, MA provides all of the instruments for the Portsmouth Abbey school, and is a great place to rent a starter instrument.
  • The Symphony Music Shop, in North Dartmouth, MA offers reasonably priced instrument rentals and accessories.  Another great place to look for your first instrument.

Second, Third, Home Bass – These shops sell everything from mid-level student basses to tried and true professional instruments.  Most of them operate by appointment only, so give them a call first.

  • Upton Bass, located in Mystic, CT has a great selection of instruments including everything from your basic starter plywood bass to quality vintage instruments.  Upton is a great one-stop-shop for all things bass.
  • Volker Nahrmann runs a beautiful shop in Billerica, MA that is full of wonderful instruments.  Take a browse through the website, I've spent plenty of time there myself!
  • Boston Symphony Orchestra member Dennis Roy runs his shop – The Bassment – out of, well, his basement in Natick, MA.  On top of being a world class musician, Dennis is also a swell guy and has some really cool stuff come through his shop.  His setups are killer.
  • For specialized bass repair and restoration, look no further than Providence's own Zachary S. Martin.  One of the finest restorers in the Northeast (and in my humble opinion, the country), Zachary Martin once brought my bass back to life after it had been infested with woodworm, split a seam, and cracked in two different places.  This guy's a miracle worker.  For top notch sophisticated repairs, take your bass to Zachary Martin.

Bows and bow rehairs?

While all of the above resources sell bows and accessories, getting your bow repaired, rehaired, or getting the camber fixed require taking it to a specialist.  

  • Tom Dignan's shop in Boston is a mainstay for New England's double bassists.  Solid, consistent, and beautiful work.
  • Working out of Reuning & Son Violins, Eric Lane is another fine bowmaker that does some great work.

Internet Resources – Sheet Music, Accessories, etc. 

Lemur Music, based out of California, has just about everything you'll ever need.  It's a bit far to drive there from New England, but the website is absolutely worth a visit.

Spartan Press is where I get all of my Duncan Mctier books, like the Daily Exercises and Tips & Tricks books, both of which I use in my teaching.  Take note, students!


More resources to come – feel free to message me with any suggestions.